Top Benefits of Working Remotely


There has been a long debate over whether workers are more productive when they report to an office daily or if working remotely actually improves their efficiency. While there are many obvious benefits of having workers report to a central office, there are some unexpected benefits of working remotely.

The first benefit of working remotely is the flexibility it provides employees. Almost all workers complain that they do not have enough time with their families or to do some activity because they spend all their time at work. Working remotely allows employees to schedule their other life into the work day. For example: an employee’s child becomes sick at school and someone has to go pick her up, instead of needing to leave the office to drive her home then come back, a worker has the flexibility to bring her home and care for her while fielding calls and emails. This also applies when an employee is sick; with working remotely, there is no risk of them infecting other people at the company and unless they are bedridden they can continue to do all of their work without having to take a sick day.

One benefit that companies may be interested in is by cutting out an employee’s commute, they have now added all that time back to the work day. Commuting back and forth to the office can take up to two hours of useable time, even more when trying to work in big cities like Atlanta or New York. By staying at home, the workday can actually last from 9 am to 5 pm without having to deal with people running late because of traffic or leaving early to attend their child’s dance recital. Workers at home can dedicate all of their time to the business with very little being wasted getting from point A to point B or running around the office trying to find a certain person.

The last major benefit of working remotely is the feeling that your employer trusts you. The relationship between a company and its employees is extremely important and the more that they feel trusted and confident in their work, the better work they will produce. Working remotely gives your employees the freedom to do their business without having managers breathing down their necks or fear that someone is just waiting for them to mess up. A safe and relaxed working environment is infinitely better for fostering employees that work hard and are efficient with their time.  

These are just a few highlights of working remotely and the benefits that it provides both employees and the company. In practice, you will see there are many more benefits that come as a result of working remotely. Consider these reasons as you decide on this matter and how it could truly help your employees. 



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