How to Effectively Use
Social Media for Business


Social media is everywhere; it is no revelation that any successful company in today’s society has to have a good social media presence. Technology is changing our world and how we find our information. It used to be word of mouth that would determine reputations and we trusted our neighbors to lead us to companies that were trustworthy. Now we have the internet; with the ease of writing and sharing reviews, it is particularly important to use social media to preserve your reputation. Here are four ways to effectively use social media to help your business:

1. Monitor what is being said about you and your company. People are brutally honest on social media, so do not discount what they complain about. Chances are one bad complaint will be seen by hundreds of other people. Which will they remember, the 10 positive reviews or the one scathing critique? Unfortunately, negative experiences tend to spread quickly and negate the positive ones. So keep an eye on what people are saying about your company and employees, take what they say into account and work on ways to solve their issues. If people criticize your website and say it is not user friendly, then look in to their complaint. Do not brush off critiques, because once the word gets out about your bad website other people are going to be specifically checking to see if there is any truth to that review.

2. Make it convenient to purchase or secure your product. And make sure your website is secure. One security breach is a betrayal to your customers and can quickly eliminate any business. Your website should be easy to find and easy to use. If someone wants to book your service or purchase one of your products, they should be able to find your company and purchase with minimal hassle. It helps if you use few pages on your website in the process of choosing and buying; it should not take 50 steps to buy a box of paper or to book a service. In addition to making it convenient, make sure that once they pay your company that no one will be able to hack your server and find their credit card number. Security and ease are your objectives.

3. Be okay with apologizing and use it to your advantage. If you receive a complaint, find a way to fix it and reach back out. Let the customer know that you are sorry they had a bad experience and then tell them what you are going to do to fix this for the future. Now you will not be known for the bad review, but rather for your eagerness to listen and accommodate your customers’ needs.

4. Be sure you personally go through your website and app. Take the time to try and use your app; have your friends try it, your family try it, and employees as well. Personally make sure that it actually is user friendly and consistently check it. This can also help with catching scammers who may create copies of your site or app and try to fool customers into paying them.

Use these four tips to help your business effectively use social media to your advantage.


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